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Important Message From Sister Noreen Holly, S. C.

Dear Parents:

It is with much dismay that I am writing this to you regarding our drop-off procedure, which is clearly outlined in the SVMS Family Handbook and has been communicated many times. 

I have had many complaints from our neighbors and parents and now we have been a topic of conversation on Facebook.

Green Village Road is for drop-offs only for our preschool parents in the morning between Wilmer Street and Kings Road.  It is disheartening to observe what has been happening recently.

Please do not block any driveways when parking.

Walkers are for students walking from home and not for being dropped off on Green Village Road.

If you are driving from home, you need to use the drop-off line.

Under no circumstances should you have a child with or without a parent crossing the street in front of the school.  They need to walk to the crosswalk near Wilmer Street.

This is all for the safety of our children and nothing more.