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New Travel Policy Regarding CoVid


As many of you know, the governor has done away with the travel quarantine for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals as of yesterday. That being said, if you do travel you are still recommended to continue with all the other practices of social distancing, mask wearing if in large crowds, good hand hygiene, etc.

If you travel anywhere over the next several weeks before school comes to an end on June 15th, your children do not need to quarantine. However, if your child/children develop/s ANY cold like symptoms, whether they have a fever or not, whether you, as an adult, have been vaccinated or not, DO NOT send your child or their siblings to school. They will require a PCR test before returning to school if they develop any symptoms.

We would like to continue to come to school. It would be extremely disappointing and frustrating if we have to go remote the last several weeks of school. We are still counting on all of you to help us make it to the finish line successfully.

Thank you