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Thank You for Supporting NJ Sharing Network

Thank You!Thank you to all the students who wore Blue and Green today! We raised over $360 for the NJ Sharing Network in honor of all organ and tissue donors.

In this picture is Evangeline Panico (2A), Father George and me, Renee Reilly, the school nurse at SVMS. Evangeline’s mother is an organ donor. She donated stem cells to her sister last month. Father George is an organ donor as well. He donated his kidney to one of his siblings many years ago. I myself have a genetic kidney and liver disease and I am blessed to have had 2 life-saving organ transplants. I had a liver transplant in August of 2013 and then a kidney transplant in February of 2018.

On behalf of all organ recipients, I thank you for helping raise money for the NJ Sharing Network, a non-profit organization here in New Providence, NJ. The mission of this organization is to help those in need of life-saving organ transplants through organ and tissue recovery, as well as giving extensive comfort and support to the families who choose organ donation for their loved ones.

Thank You for Your Contributions