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Important Information


Thank you for all your patience with our drop off this morning.  Just some things to please remember in order for this to run smoothly.

1.  Please make sure your child is at the ready with masks and coats on and backpacks ready to grab when exiting the vehicle.  

2.  Parents, please do not exit your car.  A staff person will be there to assist if need be.

3.  There is NO LEFT TURN onto Green Village Road, whether the sign is out or not.  This causes unnecessary traffic back up!

Other items to remember:

1.  Dropping off items is for Remote Student's only.  Although we can forget items at times, we are not suppose to be accepting anything once your child is in the building.  

2.  A reminder that we have a half day on Friday, February 12th and NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 15th.  We are IN SCHOOL on Tuesday, February 16th.  This change was sent out the beginning of the school year.

3.  Pick up is at 1:20 PM Starting Today, Thursday, Feb. 4th

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process!