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Select Phase II In-Person or Remote Option

SVMS plans to move to Phase ll of "The Road Back" on January 19, 2021, if the CoVid-19 metrics allow us to do so

Phase ll provides in-person learning 5 days a week for all students in grades K - 8. The school day will consist of a full day of instruction during seven class periods ending at 1:20 p.m. Age-appropriate snack breaks will be provided during the day. The school day will not include a lunch period. 

There will be no hybrid option offered during Phase ll. However, families may select a fully-remote option for their children.

Families may update their selection month by month.

Again, we will only move to Phase ll  if the CoVid-19 metrics allow us to do so.

Please indicate your preference for your child(ren) in K-8 for Phase II.

Select Phase II Option for January