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Possible School Closing on Thursday

If the predictions for snow become real, Thursday will bring mountains of snow to this area.
 If we are out of school because of snow on Thursday, then it will be a snow day with no remote learning. If the snow prevents us from coming to school on Friday, then that day will be a virtual learning day with the children logging into homeroom  and logging into all classes to be considered present.
If we should have a delayed opening on Friday the students will be expected to be in school at 9:45AM to begin classes at 10AM. The car line will begin disembarking at 9:45AM.
If we have a delayed opening the morning PreK3 and PreK4 classes will be cancelled.
**Please know that you will receive a Rediker Alert informing you of any of the scenarios above**


Blessings Galore,
Sr. Noreen Holly