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SVMS Christmas Shop - Tomorrow

Tomorrow the children who missed shopping at the SVMS Christmas Shop is scheduled to come to school if remote and join their class at the below times.  **We are suggesting if anyone who is scheduled to shop on Wed. is available to come in tomorrow please do so due to the weather forecast. The shop will be open from 10:15 am to 1:15 pm....If you need to come in a different time other than the time that is scheduled please do.  Students only are to enter the main front door of the school if coming from home and please do not forget your shopping Bags!!


PreK:/10:15 am or 1:00 pm if afternoon only...


KA/KB:/10:45 am


1A/1B:/10:45 am


2A/2B/11:15 am


3A3B/11:15 am


4A/4B:/11:45 am


5A/5B:/12:15 pm


6A/6B:/12:40 pm


7A/7B: 12:40 pm


8A/8B: 12:40 pm