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News From the Nurse

Dear SVMS Families,

Hope everyone is well.  A Couple of reminders below:

  • You must fill out the Daily Health Screening on the New Health Portal.   You should have received information on this last Wednesday.  
    1. Look for emails from  
    2. The one titled “St. Vincent Martyr welcomes you to the SNAP Health Portal” contains your login credentials.  
    3. Please change your password to something you can remember. 
    4. When you enter your child’s DOB to create their account, you have to separate the month, day, and year with a / or a - .
    5. All siblings will be under one account.
    6. When answering the questionnaire remember that you are answering for your child/children.
    7. Note  the choice “No” is GreenGreen = Go...Send your child to school 
    8. Note the choice “Yes” is Red.  Red = Stop...Do Not send your child to school.
    9. There is one “No” or “Yes” for each child...not each question.
  • Now that we are entering the winter months here is some information about health:
    1. Viruses survive longer in cold dry air.  This is why the flu season occurs in the winter months.
    2. Other Corona Viruses have spread more easily in the winter months, so we can expect COVID-19 to spread just as easy.
    3. Since it is colder outdoors, people spend more time inside with their windows closed leading to them breating in the same air as someone in their household who might be sick.
    4. There is less sunlight in the winter months, therefore our Vitamin D levels and melatonin levels decrease.  Both Vitamin D and melatonin are important to a person's immune system.  Decreased levels might  lead to someone being more susceptible to getting sick
  • Keep your child home if they are sick, even if they just have a runny nose.  They might only have the “common cold”, but without a visit to their doctor, you are unable to determine if this is something more serious than just a common cold in which they should not be at school anyway.  Remember things are different this year than they have been in the past.
  • Do not medicate your child with Tylenol or Advil/Mortin for a fever prior to sending them to school.

Please visit our school website for COVID-19 information or our Nurse section by hovering over “Parents” and then click on “Nurse” in the drop down menu and you will see the information that has been posted there.