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Community Service for Veterans Day

Community Service and Cub Scouts will be sending cards to the VA Lyons in Basking Ridge. We want to thank the veterans for their service and let them know that we remember them during this time, too. Lots of the residents have been very much alone as visitors are not allowed. In previous years, we did celebrate in the church where the students made something in school during class, and the teachers collected them on our behalf. We then honored the veterans in church. However this year, we will not collect them in school or ask the teachers to help in this as the teachers are already doing so much. Thus, the Cub Scouts will be working hand-in-hand with the Community Service on this. 

For these three weeks, let us make some cards at home and share some love and thankfulness to our veterans. Please print some cards for the children to color or let the children draw a thank you card. They can make one or many cards. We will be sending them to VA Lyons by the end of the month. Please contact me at after the children have made the cards for collections. Thank you.

Hui Boon Quek