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Drop Off and Pick Up Changes Effective Tomorrow 9/9

After day 1 changes need to be made to our Drop Off and Pick Up procedures.  We are grateful to the Madison police for their assistance and suggestions.


Drop Off Changes


  1. We ask that Pre school parent(s) assist in getting your children out of their car seats if necessary, upon arrival. Please make sure you turn your car off before exiting. At pick up please drive up, shut off your car, and go to the right side of your vehicle waiting for your child to be dismissed. Once secured in their car seat immediately return to your vehicle and wait for the direction to drive out. Pre school students and their siblings pick up time is at 3:00 pm...please do not come earlier.


  1. All children being driven to school must be dropped off in the car line.


  1. Please pay attention to any new traffic directions in the school parking lot you may see upon arrival.


  1. All walkers need to be accompanied by a parent. Please walk to the Green Village Road school entrance where the statue and walkway are located. We no longer have a walking lane through the parking lot on Wilmer Street. Please do not walk through the school yard at all.


  1. If late, please drive up to door 2(main doors) and ring the bell if a staff member is no longer outside. A member from the staff will take temperature.  Once cleared parent(s) may leave.  This lane will be blocked off by 8:45 am.


  1. When exiting the school driveway or the ministry center driveway in the morning or in the afternoon only make a right-hand turn onto Green Village Road. No left turn can be made when exiting either of these driveways both at pick up and drop off.


  1. For drop off doors 1, 2, and 3 will be used for grades K-8 only. Pre school drop off at 8am will remain the same.  Pre school drop off at 12:00 pm will use Doors 1 and 2. The location of door 1 is almost at the end of the driveway, in front of the statue of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Door 2 are the main doors and Door 3 is located at the side corner of the building, back gym entrance, just before the Mary’s garden.


***Pick Up Changes***


  1. New pick up times for dismissal:  Last names beginning with the letters  "A" through "L" will be at 2:30 pm, last names beginning with the letters "M" through "Z" is at 2:45 pm and all pre-school and their siblings is at 3:00 pm. Walkers will be dismissed at 2:45 pm from the same door as the morning to their parents. No walker may enter the school driveways....please walk to the corner.


  1. We are eliminating door 3 at pick up only. All children will be dismissed at either door 1, door 2 or the walker's door.  


  1. Children will be called down by their last name only. Please practice with them.


  1. Please do not tell your children what door you will be waiting out.  The door will be decided from the car line and it will be either door 1 or door 2. This will be announced in the school.


  1. Please pay attention to any new traffic directions in the school parking lot upon arrival.


  1. **We ask that all drive to Wilmer Street to Green Ave via Shunpike Road/Woodland Ave., etc. and turn left onto Wilmer Street to avoid the back up into town.  Please no right turns onto Wilmer Street.


  1. Pre school pick up at 11:15 am will use doors 1 and 2.

One Last Item


We will get through this together!!