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SVMS 4th Grade: Locker Ladders are Mandatory

Place your Locker Ladder® order today and it will be in your child’s homeroom on the first day of school.

Locker Ladders® are mandatory for incoming 4th grade students and highly recommended for 5th-8th grade.  

The Locker Ladder® brand fits our school’s narrow lockers. They are made of durable blue material and manufactured in the USA.  Locker Ladders® aid organization and give students an orderly way to store and grab books from their lockers.

Locker Ladders® are available online, but SVMS offers our families a reduced wholesale price at no profit to the school.

Please email Mary Beth Flanagan at to reserve yours and return this form on the first day of school in an envelope labeled "Locker Ladder" with a check in the amount of $17.50, payable to “SVMS HSA”.

Locker Ladder Order Form