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Please Verify Your Child's Formal Name

The Daily Health Screening Forms will be programatically compared against our enrollment database each day. Therefore, it is critical that your child's name has been entered correctly into our enrollment database. You will receive an email later today with your child's formal name as it has been entered into the database. If there is an issue with the name, please send an e-mail to asking for a correction. Please enter the name on the Daily Health Screening Form exactly how it has been captured in the database. Please do not enter nicknames. Please be mindful of apostrophes, spaces, hyphens, etc.

See examples below of variations that will cause the comparison to fail. 

Nicholas vs. Nick
Mary Jane vs. Mary
Mary Anne vs. MaryAnne
Jo-Ann vs JoAnn
De Lorenzo vs. DeLorenzo
DiNapoli vs. Di Napoli
McTernan vs Mc Ternan
O'Toole vs O' Toole
Smith-Jones vs Jones