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SVMS Reopening Plan Has Been Released

Despite Isias' attempts to thwart publication of this plan by downing power lines and impeding final collaboration, the Task Force is now able to present the reopening plan entitled "The Road Back to St. Vincent Martyr School."

We welcome you to visit the reopening subsite for the 2020- 2021 school year. There, you will find important information about the upcoming school year, including

  • Sr. Noreen's Letter introducing the reopening plan
  • “The Road Back to Saint Vincent Martyr School” (our reopening plan)
  • FAQs that align with this plan
  • The list of families that will come on A/B days
  • A required form asking you to indicate your preference of the A/B scenario or the remote scenario (please submit one for for EACH child enrolled in SVMS) due 8/10/20
  • Many other resources and pieces of the plan surfaced for your convenience

Visit the following link to review the materials mentioned above:

As mentioned in Sunday's newsletter, the reopening materials are password-protected and can be accessed by logging into the SVMS website. Please read the news item "Reminder to Check Your SVMS Website Login Credentials" to learn more about logging into your SVMS account or resetting access: