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End Of School Year Letter From Nurse

June 3, 2020


Hi Everyone,

I pray that you and your families are healthy and safe.  I’d like to thank all the parents on the front lines out there, whether you are in the medical profession or if you are an essential worker, my family and I are grateful for all that you do.  May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hands.

It seems like forever since I have written to you.  I hope that you are all managing these crazy times as best as you can.  I have learned during this pandemic, that nothing is perfect and that is OK.  We do the best we can with what we’ve been dealt with.  I admire all people who are volunteering and moving their world to make the lives of others in need comfortable in some way, whether it be big or small.  I’m personally just trying to make comfortable my ‘world’, in the four walls of my house with my family.  It’s all I can seem to manage at this point and I’ve come to the conclusion that that's acceptable. As Mother Teresa said, “Do small things with great love”. Although at this point, my husband and boys have asked me to stop baking because they’re gaining the quarantine 15. 

I’m optimistic that all will continue to move in the right direction as it has the past week and a half or so with the opening of New Jersey.  I also hold out hope that we will all get to be together with your children in the gym on the first day of school being led in song by Father George singing “This Little Light of Mine”.  With that in mind, I am writing to you to let you know that the medical forms for the next school year are posted on the school's website.  You can find them under the Parents Header and in the drop-down menu look for Nurse.  Please pay special attention to the headings that have been created for detail on which forms you will need for appropriate age groups.   Be sure to read all the forms and fill them out accordingly in detail.  Note that the “Permission To Share Information” link is the first thing listed. It is an e-document and one is needed per student.  You can read about the purpose of it in the letter that you’ll find right above this link.  If you have any questions, feel free reach out to me via email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

In preparation for the summer, I’d like to stress some obvious important safety tips starting with the need for sunscreen to prevent sunburn and to help reduce the risk of skin cancer in the future.  Also, make sure your children know the need and the significance for the use of helmets while riding bicycles and skateboards to prevent head injuries.  Another obvious and serious reminder is to mind all children at the beach and at pools this summer.  Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds, sometimes even milliseconds, when we let our guards down. Make sure all protective measures are made if you have a pool at home, especially if you have toddlers. Swimming lessons, if they can happen this summer, are a valuable asset for children of all ages. There are some headings listed underneath the school forms that contain summer safety tips for you to look at with your children. Lastly, please look for tips on a proven treatment for pediculosis, AKA Lice.  Sorry, didn’t mean to make you squirm or itch right now.  That would top off the remainder of the year wouldn’t it!

I am wishing you all a fun-filled, relaxing and safe summer after all that has happened these past two plus months.  


Be well,