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Message from Sr. Noreen Holly

Dear Parents,
Thank you most sincerely for all that you have done over the past two weeks. I am deeply touched by your patience, diligence and support. It has been challenging to say the least, but rewarding knowing that we have a terrific team of teachers and a wonderful parent body that has walked with us and gone over the many bumps with us as we try to make sense of this journey.
We must wait for a directive from Governor Murphy as to when we will reopen school. He will revisit a decision on April 17th.
In an effort for all of us to catch our breath and strengthen us and not put pressure on top of pressure, we will take Wednesday as a day to ease it up a little. Have your children attend virtual Mass and do an attendance check in. This day will enable you and your children to take time to reflect on what this eLearning has meant and what it entails moving forward. You can take the time to figure out schedules with ease, help your children catch up and submit missing work. If you have done this already then take good quality family time to just be and thank God.
Please know that I hold you all very close in prayer each day and I miss your children very much
Blessings Galore,
Sr. Noreen