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SVMS CoVid-19 eLearning Plan and Continuation of Education Plan

Dear Parents,

Please be assured that prayers are flowing from inside these walls in this time of great uncertainty. For school closures we get our directive from the board of health. As of now we have not received current information from them.

The teachers were informed last week about the possibility of school closures due to CoVid-19 and they were asked to plan for this happening for SVMS. We came together at a faculty meeting yesterday to finalize plans. I am proud to say that our PreK through 8th grade teachers have put a tremendous amount of time and energy into developing plans that will ensure  continuation of learning for your children. You will be hearing from your child’s teacher in the next couple of days.

Children in the upper grades will receive notification of assignments electronically and teachers in other grades will be given hard copy work and communicate with you electronically.

We need to determine if all of you have wi-fi access at home. Please right click on the link below.  Click on Open Hyperlink and the survey will become available. Click submit when done.


Thank you for anticipated cooperation.



Sr. Noreen