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Update Regarding Sickness in School

January 16, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is hanging in there as we are in the trenches of the cold season.

This is just a quick note regarding illnesses in our school.  The common reporting of sickness remains the same: 1-the stomach virus; 2- sore throat, coughing, a runny or stuffy nose, and a headache.   These symptoms are occurring together as one “cold” or just one or two of the symptoms. Any of the symptoms being reported are occurring with or without a fever.  It still remains that the students who have these illnesses are from different grades and classes throughout the school.  

There has been a significant jump in children out sick with these symptoms since coming back from Christmas break as I expected would be the case.  This is a normal occurrence after being exposed to so many people over the holiday season. As I mentioned in my letter in last week’s e-news, second grade had several students who became ill with the flu.  Most cases were in 2B and one student in 2A came down with the flu. Both of those classes have been sanitized on a daily basis since last Friday, January 10th. In addition, both classrooms have been cleaned again in the morning before school started.  I certainly don’t want to speak to soon on it stopping with the second grade, but so far we haven’t had any additional cases.

I ask that you please call me to let me know if your child is diagnosed with the flu.  Initially, I was not made aware that students were diagnosed with the flu in those classes.  When people call in they tend to either say their child will be absent giving no reason why, or they’ll just say their child is sick.  I am not able to call everyone back to see why their child is out sick. There are children constantly coming to my office and I honestly have no time to call people unless there is an emergency or I feel a call is warranted.  We need to be made aware so that we can have the classrooms sanitized as necessary.

I have asked that an email account be set up for absentee students.  These emails will be forwarded straight to me. I understand it’s hard to call in the mornings so we’re trying to make it easier for you to report your child absent.  The email address is  There is no way to set up a messaging service for texting, so a call or an email is how to report your student either absent or late.  Please leave the reason, the symptoms why they will be out and their grade and class. I must report the number of cases of the flu to the state on a monthly basis.  I have a report I have to fill out at the end of every month to send to Morris County Education Commission, and they send the report to the state. Reporting your child’s absence is no new business...every school asks this of a parent along with an explanation for the child’s absence.

 Attached below  is an image listing the difference between a cold and the flu.

~Renee Reilly, RN


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