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NEW Contract Process for Existing SVMS Students

Dear St. Vincent Martyr School Families:

Thank you for your continued support. We recognize that it is our families that have the greatest impact on the well-being of the school both for retention and recruiting. We are very blessed to have increased enrollment and increased outside interest in our school. To accommodate this increase, we implemented Rediker last year. This helped us to create on-line registration tracking and manage prospect and student information on one platform.   

We learned last year that we started too late with registration and contracts. Therefore, I’m reaching out to share the new process and timelines with you.  I’m asking for your continued support as we continue to build a healthy school and make positive changes for all.

January 6 - Registration begins

Existing families in good standing* will be sent a registration link to register existing students for the upcoming school year. Your student & parent information from last year will be included for verification or update. Please complete your online registration form by January 20, 2020 so that your contract can be generated and sent to you. 

January 20 - Contracts sent out

Upon receipt of your registration, we will send you a Contract. All contracts will be sent by January 20 to families in good standing* who have completed registration online. Your Contract is due back by February 17, 2020 to guarantee your enrollment next year.  

Last year we started late and we had many families that did not return their contracts until well after school closed. The impact of these delays were that we were not able to finalize our hiring and school budget on time and we missed taking in students to fill openings that were being held by existing families that never returned contracts. To address these concerns, we are starting earlier and adding timelines to these processes. We are doing our best to make every effort possible to enroll and retain all of our existing families!

Again, if you are staying for the 2020-2021 school year, your Contract is due back by February 17 to guarantee your admission.

February 20 - New Family Contracts sent out

Contracts will begin to be distributed to new families.  With our existing families now enrolled, we will then contract with new families for the open spots. We are fortunate to have significant external interest in our school. 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  I greatly appreciate your continued support and look forward to many healthy school years to come.


Sister Noreen

*”Good standing” is defined as a family that has had not had collection issues, and has all of their tuition payments up to date and Faith Direct contributions up to date. Last year there was some confusion with families registering that were in arrears or were not meeting the Faith Direct minimums. This caused much “back and forth” and significantly delayed the contract process. For 2020-2021 only families in good standing will be able to register & contract.

Revised Registration & Contract Process for Existing SVMS Students