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Extra State Funding for Catholic Schools

Dear Parents:

The Diocese is asking parents to read below and follow directions regarding the Voter Voice System to communicate your position to the legislators regarding extra funding for Nonpublic Schools for 2020 Fiscal Year.


What are we asking for? 

 The three “asks” are:

  1. An increase from $1,000 to $1,040 for per-pupil nonpublic transportation- this will improve the amount of revenue bus companies receive and may increase the number of route bids.
  2. An increase from $97.00 per pupil to at least $125.00 per pupil for nonpublic school nursing- the lack of a nurse in our buildings for a few days each week risks the health of our students.
  3. An increase in the funding for Compensatory Education (remedial Reading, Mathematics and Language Arts) from $995.33 to $1,100- this will increase the amount of service time eligible students receive.

 I have attached the Action Alert and the support materials. In addition, please see a diagram of the Voter Voice system that you will use to communicate your position to the legislators- clicking on the address will bring you to Voter Voice. The process is easy and you can add your own comments in the Message Body box.  Each use of Voter Voice will send your message to your district’s State Senator and each Assembly representative.  

Thank you for your support in order to receive Extra State Funding for Fiscal Year 2020!

Voter Voice

Action Alert