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School Sickness

Dear Parents,
In recent weeks we have had an increased incidence of the Flu virus in the school. These cases are in various classes, but mostly in the lower school. I myself have sent home many many children with fevers, and have been told by these children that they came to school despite not feeling well.  I  sent a note home this year outlining the rules of having kids in school.  If your child is fever free for 24 hours without the use of medicine, BUT STILL FEELS UNWELL, OR WEAK do not send them. They should remain home until they actually feel better. Many children have returned to school when they are clearly not well, and continue to spread any virus they may have. I know that it is hard to determine in the morning how your child actually feels, but please use your best judgement before sending them. Thank you for your continued cooperation.
Eileen Ruane