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Action Alert

The Governor is set to give his FY 20 Budget message on Tuesday, March 5. We will see the details of that budget several weeks later. We need to contact the Governor’s office now with our position that we want all of the nonpublic school funds retained in the FY 20 Budget at the same level as in the FY19 Budget including any supplemental funding- no reductions in any of the nonpublic school accounts.

How do we communicate our positions to Governor Murphy’s office- by calling directly (609) 292-6000, e-mail or using the NJCC Voter Voice System listed on Action Alert #1.

Our Catholic schools cannot absorb a reduction in any of the State accounts (technology, security, textbooks and nursing). A recent news story in indicated that NJ tax revenues in FY19 are coming in at a lower rate than anticipated. This may lead to reductions in the Governor’s FY20 budget namely in nonpublic school funding.


Since the issuance of the Action Alert #1 on January 21, 2019 we have not made the kind of effort that is required and acceptable from our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Paterson. All of the stakeholders in our schools need to participate- Network Representatives, faculty, staff, parents and school leadership. The attached Action Alert must be distributed to all stakeholders.