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SCRIP Reminder - January 27, 2019

This is a mid year courtesy reminder to all our SVMS families that have signed up to participate in Shop with Scrip Program. As of Friday January 18, 2019, many familes are half way through, if not finish, with their $2,500. If you have not already done so you still have 4 months left before the May 20, 2019 deadline to complete it. Please don't get stuck with the $300 penalty when the programs ends. There are so many choices and cards available for all occasions take advantage of it. For those fanmilies who do not think you will be able to meet your commitment by the deadline this is an opprtunity to switch to Buy Out (BO) and pay the $250 cost. 

Once aagin thanks for agreeing to support SVMS through the Shop with Scrip Program.


Diana Rendon & Stefanie Cuttler