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Halloween Candy Drive for Veterans and Troops Overseas

In honor of Veterans Day and in support of local Veterans and active duty overseas troops, SVM and SVMS will be gathering leftover Halloween candy for delivery to both the VA hospital in Lyons NJ and care packages for troops. We collected 450 + lbs last year...hoping to top it!


- 11/1 through 11/7 will have a bin in the school lobby to gather candy.
- Saturday 11/3 and Sunday 11/4 we will place a bin in the main lobby of the church.
All candy will be accepted as long as unopened and not past expiration. The VA will take full unopened bags of candy and the rest will go to overseas troops.
Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Any questions contact
Bill Heskett @ or 917 714 0081
or Hui Boon Wan@ or 201 736 9951