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Drop & Play Registration - Gr. K-4

Drop & Play - THIS Tuesday, May 1st & Wednesday, May 2nd during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  (This is also a Class of 2019 Fundraiser.  The 7th grade students and parents will be there to run the event.  There will be lunch, crafts, sports and lots of fun.  

How it Works:

Entire Session:

Register your child for the entire session(s) for $20/day/child or max per family - $40/day.

Have each child bring a brown bag lunch, a bottle of water and wear their gym uniform.

By the Hour:

Drop off your child during your conference and pick them up when you are done for a fee of $10/hour.

After Care:

For children who will be attending After Care following Drop & Play at 3:00 pm, please ensure that your child has a written note indicating such so there is no confusion.

They will be taken to After Care upon completion of Drop & Play.

Snacks & Drinks will be available for purchase for 0.50 - $1.00 each.

** Please note that we will be unable to accommodate drop-ins. All students must be registered to attend.**

2017 - 2018 Drop & Play Registration Form