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"Monte Carlo Night" Wrap-Up Letter from Nick Mangold

Dear SVMS Parents and Friends,

Now that Easter has passed, I wanted to close up on our evening of Monte Carlo Night. 

I hope that everyone who was able to attend had an amazing time.  The main goal of the evening was to raise money for our school, but we wanted to make it into something so much more.  We wanted our community to come together to have an evening that was fun, engaging, and social.  I believe we achieved all these goals.

Together through the help of countless volunteers we raised $210,600.  This money goes directly to the school to help enrich our children’s learning experience.  We had many generous donations that we greatly appreciated.  As far as our other goals, I believe those were achieved as well.  Anyone who saw the smile on Sister Ann’s face as she played craps would agree that everyone in the building had a good time.  I hope that some new friendships were made and old friendships were strengthened.

I want to thank again all the amazing people who helped make Monte Carlo Night a success.  Without their help, our night would not have been possible.  It truly was a group effort to make Monte Carlo Night a success and I had a fantastic group.

Thank you for all your support of our school and our children,

Nick Mangold

Monte Carlo Night Chairman

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