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Many Thanks to Spring Fundraiser Committee Chairs

March 25, 2018

Dear Parents,

It is with deep humility and great appreciation that I thank all of you who contributed to making our fundraiser a
tremendously successful and fun night. Many hands and hearts joined to provide all who attended with a truly
amazing casino night. The food, the games, the prizes were top notch. I congratulate all of the winners knowing
that your children are the real winners because they will benefit from the proceeds of the night. I want to thank
especially all of the chairs who gave totally of themselves to their tasks at hand and whose energy never
waned right up to the night. Bravo and take the long deserved rest that you were denied for months. May all of
the good that you have done for us return to you!

Sr. Noreen

Monte Carlo Night Chair
Nick Mangold

Decorating Chairs
Wendy Brett
Julia Crimmins

Food, Bar, Wine Pull Chairs
Victoria Heskett
Maureen Reis

Event Program & Click Bid Auction Chair
Mary Beth Flanagan

Gift Collection Chairs
Natalia Haidukewych
Jessica Alperti

Special Event Chairs
Nina Lagios
Nicole Van Slyck

Pick A Prize Chairs
Mary Beth Flanagan
Geraldine Kilgore

Gift Wrapping Chairs
Victoria Heskett
Laura Stuart

Sponsorship Chairs
Tim Cooney
Joe Fedyna

Grand Raffle Chairs
Colleen O'Reilly
Geraldine Kilgore

Tuition Raffle Chairs
Barb Verga
Suzanne Voorhees

Class Pools Chairs
Tara Fedyna
Nicole Van Slyck

Logo and Invitation Design
Rachel Pascarella

Invitations Chair
Chrissy Walz

Thank You Letter to Spring Fundraiser Chairs