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Important Information for 4th and 5th Grade Parents

Hello Parents of 4th and 5th Graders,

In anticipation of our in-student population growing Thursday and in the future, we’re inviting any student who has their own at-home chromebook to bring it back and forth to school each day for in-school use. We’ll need a number of students to do this as we’ll no longer have enough chromebooks for every student in these two grades to borrow from our carts each day.

 If you’re willing to let your child bring his/her chromebook back and forth each day, please inform his/her homeroom teacher today and send in the device with them for provisioning so it can be made compatible with the SVMS network. This process in no way alters the functioning of the computer, but is a necessary step in order for the chromebook to be usable. 


Thank you,

Sr. Noreen

4th & 5th Grade Teachers