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Graduation Seating and Thursday and Friday Details for 8th Grade Parents

Some important information for the last few days of school:


On Thursday,  the 8th Grade will take part in a retreat with Sr. Noreen - at school.  Students should arrive at 9am.  If your 8th grader has siblings in school or if there is any hardship with a 9am drop off, Sr. Noreen said to feel free to drop off your student at the regular morning drop off time.  

Lunch will be provided to the students and they have a tag day. (Tomorrow, Wednesday is the last uniform day for them!)

Students will be dismissed at 12:30 on Thursday.



Students should arrive at 9:45am.  Clap out will take place at 10:20, followed by the Baccalaureate Mass at 10:30am.  Students are then free to go and should plan to return at 6:30pm.



Students should arrive at school at 6:30pm.

Graduation Ceremony begins at 7pm.  

The parents of the graduates will sit in the rows directly behind the graduates.  Click on the link for the Parent seating arrangements for 8A and 8B.  The names were drawn in the gym yesterday.  The rest of your family can sit in any open seats in the church.  

8A Seating Chart

8B Seating Chart

Immediately followoing the ceremony, all are invited to head to the gym for refreshments, slide show and to celebrate with the graduates!