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Important 8th Grade Chrome Book Decommissioning and Gmail Account Deletion - PLEASE READ

Hello Parents of 8th Grade Students,

As your child's time at SVMS is nearing the end, there are a few items to take care of regarding his or her SVMS Gmail account and his or her Chromebook. 

First, the students' Gmail accounts will be deleted the week of July 1st so if your child would like to keep any files associated with that email account (stored on Google "Drive"), they need to be downloaded before July 1st. Attached to this message are the directions.

The second step that needs to occur is the Chromebooks need to be decommissioned and wiped clean so they are not managed under SVMS' Chrome Management Console and they can be used again. The school will be decommissioning them the week of July 1st but you or your child need to wipe clean the Chromebook. Those instructions are also included in the one attachment to this email. 

After these steps are completed, students can use their Chromebooks using their own personal Gmail account.  It is very easy to create one (instructions can be Googled).

If you have a younger child who will be using the Chromebook at SVMS, it shouldn't be wiped clean and I need to be notified promptly so that the Chromebook isn't decommissioned. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me

Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

Sharon Burke 

*Also, the protection plan from Staples is good for one more year for the 8th grade Chromebooks.


PLEASE see the attached files for details of what needs to be done.

2018 - 2019 8th Grade Chrome Book Information

2018 - 2019 Chrome Book Letter