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Let Your Light Shine At SVMS

Please enjoy this story that was recently shared with us by a parent who chaperoned a recent SVMS field trip.
"I wanted to share with you something that happened today on the 5th grade field trip in Philadelphia.
I was chaperone to a group of 4 boys. The boys wanted to go see Ben Franklin’s grave because they were told that if you throw a penny on his grave and it lands heads up, it’s good luck. While they were at the cemetery, they noticed an older homeless gentleman sitting on the ground in front of the cemetery gates. I could tell they were trying to figure out what to do or how to help him. Without ANY PROMPTING at all, one boy took out his lunch and went and handed it to him, another pulled out $5 from his spending money and gave it to him. Two of the boys had only a $20 bill so they went to the little kiosk by the cemetery gate and bought a little trinket to make change and walked back to the man to give him money ... then we went into the cemetery to look at some of the historical graves there. They walked around for a few minutes looking around and then headed back to the gate where the man was sitting and one of them said something to him from inside the gate. When I asked him why he went back and what he said, his response was 'I just wanted to wish him a blessed day and that we would pray for him to find a home.'
It reminded me of the verse 'what you do to the least of my brother, you do to me.' The compassion and empathy that these boys showed this old veteran was truly heartwarming. That is a direct result of the Catholic education that you all provide for them.
Thank YOU for teaching our kids to have a conscience and teaching them empathy ... SVMS is truly a very special school!"