• Technology plays an integral role in the academic life of students at St. Vincent Martyr School. Middle School students use their own Chromebooks to collaborate with teachers and peers via Google classroom. Our schoolwide network provides students with a secure place to save their data and allows safe access to the internet from all classrooms, the computer lab and the library. It’s simply part of our life.
    SVMS students learn to harness the power of technology to make complex calculations, to analyze scientific experiments, to perform internet research, to design presentations, to produce newspapers, to create and analyze spreadsheets, and to improve their world language pronunciation. Electronic white boards in classrooms also provide students with a collaborative environment for learning.
    Our teachers receive extensive training to incorporate technology effectively into all subjects. For example, Social Studies takes “Virtual Field Trips” using multiple applications to create history projects including posters, newsletters, children’s books and presentations. All members of our community agree to maintain integrity as a user of the SVMS private network and equipment by obeying the regulations in our technology policies.