Social Studies

  • The middle school students at St. Vincent Martyr School follow a course of study that follows the National Social Studies Standards, the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards, and standards set forth by the Diocese of Paterson. All students are expected to participate fully in all class activities including discussion, projects, assessments and homework. Students utilize a variety of resources including laptops, primary sources, secondary sources, textbooks, atlases, maps, charts, videos, music and the internet to aid in their studies. Students are expected to work cooperatively with classmates and to be prepared and on time every day. The major topics of study for each grade are:

    6th Grade

    • Ancient Civilizations
    • Prehistory
    • Early Civilizations- Mesopotamia, Babylon, Phoenicia, Assyria and the Hebrews
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient China
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
    • Middle Ages and the Renaissance

    7th Grade

    • The American Journey- Early Years
    • The Constitution and Government
    • The Jeffersonian Era
    • Manifest Destiny
    • Westward Movement
    • The Civil War

    8th Grade

    • The American Journey- Modern Times
    • Industry and Immigration
    • Imperialism
    • Spanish American War
    • World War I
    • Jazz Age
    • The Great Depression
    • World War II