• St. Vincent Martyr School’s mathematics department believes that our students only fully understand mathematics when they can internalize the language of the discipline. Through applications that allow students to engage in and appreciate varied approaches, our students deepen their problem-solving skills. We emphasize classroom discussion and writing in mathematics so that each student can construct her own understanding of mathematics.

    6th Grade
    This course explores a range of topics including Decimals & Operations, Fractions, Ratios, and Geometry. Students also study the concepts of Integers, Expressions, and Equations as a preparation for Pre-Algebra in 7th Grade. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are also strongly emphasized.

    7th Grade Pre-Algebra
    As a stepping-stone into Algebra I, this course prepares the students in multiple topics such as the real number system. The students' receive a solid foundation in equations and expressions as well as continuing to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

    8th Grade Algebra
    This course prepares the students to enter into their next step of high school mathematics. The students receive a strong foundation of functions and linear equations. Students will also explore other topics including quadratics and polynomials. Graphing calculators are introduced during this course.

    Grouping is determined by ability. Placement in advanced grade level math is based on grades, standardized test scores, and a placement test. Teacher recommendation also plays a role.