• Cherami Family

    "When we entered SVMS for the first time, for a tour, I was transported back to my childhood. A charming Catholic school that felt like home with boards full of children's art and sayings like 'Jesus loves me' or 'Unto us, a Child was born.' We arrived at the PreK classrooms during play time and my son, Charlie, stayed with the class while my husband and I toured the rest of the school. I was not sure if he would be nervous, as he had never been to school before. We came back to get him after about 30 minutes, and to my surprise, he protested a bit about leaving. I pointed out that it was no longer play time and the kids were back at their tables. With reluctance, Charlie took my hand but turned back once more to announce to the entire classroom “My name is Charlie Michael and I’ll be back!” Even with that announcement, I did tour other preschools, but kept coming back to the comfort I felt at St Vincent’s, so Charlie did come back!

    In the short time we have been an SVMS family, we have been impressed with the quality of our son's education, the kindness of his teachers, and friendships amongst his classmates. Charlie came home in PreK knowing the foundations of reading, science facts galore, and computer coding (who knew preschoolers could code? Not me!). Beyond all of this, the question remains - why choose private, Catholic school, when other schooling options can provide a great education? The answer is that SVMS gives you more than the facts you learn in a textbook. It gives boys and girls a direction led by faith which can so often be forgotten in this world. Our son has learned prayers and the meaning of many Catholic beliefs and values. He has also learned that because Jesus loves and lives within everyone, he also should respect everyone. The values we teach our children at home are reinforced at school.

    My husband and I have been beyond impressed with what Charlie learned in preschool and we are grateful to his teachers. He is now in Kindergarten, and my daughter has since joined SVMS, and we are very excited! We feel confident that within this strong, faith-filled community, our children will thrive and become the best versions of themselves. Halfway through pre-K 4 Charlie said, 'I never want to not go to St Vincent’s.' We hope he is taught not to use double negative, but completely echo the sentiment!"

    - The Cherami Family

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