• As our 50th day of school approaches, we have been blessed to have had a successful return to school. Our hybrid Blue/Gold plan has served us well these past nine weeks and helped us achieve our goal of bringing students and faculty safely back to 26 Green Village Road amidst a global pandemic. We appreciate the cooperation demonstrated by families to adhere to the protocols put into place to safeguard the health of all in our school community.

    As we have become more comfortable with educating our children with these safety measures in place, and see the students and faculty thriving in the classroom while adhering to Covid protocols, it is time for us to consider our second phase in our return to school. Phase II has been developed in consultation with health officials and area parochial and public schools, as well as our faculty and staff who take on additional risk as we increase capacity within our building.

    Below is an overview of Phase II. Kindly complete the poll at the end which will help us determine whether our community is ready to move towards this next stage. Please note that while we will be strongly guided by your input, the ultimate decision to increase levels of in-person instruction will also be informed by the current public health considerations in our community and state.

    Overview of Phase II
    Phase II would involve an in-person, five-day a week, shortened-day schedule for all students in each class in each grade level. This would mean that the Blue/Gold cohorts would be combined and your child’s daily class size could increase to 20 to 25 students.

    • Students would be situated in their classrooms with desks no less than three feet apart, but less than six feet apart, sitting behind sneeze guards and wearing face masks at all times.
    • The school day would be shortened with early dismissal in order to avoid extended periods of time in the classroom without masks. Students would return home for lunch and would possibly be required to log into Google Classroom for afternoon instruction.
    • To accommodate at least three feet social distancing, Phase II may require some of our larger classes to be divided into three sections with one section alternating live-streaming classes on-site.
    • The current Blue/Gold hybrid schedule would come to a conclusion.
    • Families that do not wish to return to five-day a week, in-person instruction would be allowed to opt for fully-remote instruction. With an increase of students within the classroom, teachers may not be able to continue the same level of interaction with remote students as demonstrated with the Blue/Gold hybrid model.
    • An increase in the number of students in the classrooms may also result in some teachers having to teach from home because of immunocompromised health
    • The preschool program and schedule would remain unchanged.