World Languages

  • The study of language progresses with a communicative approach in a program oriented to provide ample opportunities and situations for students to develop conversational and listening comprehension skills. At the same time, writing skills and grammar are emphasized with the goal of mastery. Technology is integrated as a learning and global communication tool. As they develop their linguistic skills, the students continue to develop an awareness of and an appreciation for the cultural aspects of authentic situations. They also develop their language skills through the use of creative activities. Pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary acquisition, and grammar are taught progressively.

    Spanish is taught from Prek 3 - 8th Grade. Classes begin with a prayer in Spanish. The language program provides a comprehensive introduction to modern language study. Students will earn and practice skills necessary to acquire a second language. They will be encouraged to take risks and to communicate in the language studied. We work toward a total immersion classroom where the language is modeled by the teacher and media resources. Emphasis is placed on the relevance of the language to a student’s own life. We encourage students to see things through the culture of the target language by drawing parallels.