Music & Instrumental Music

  • Music
    St. Vincent Martyr School’s music program seeks not only to foster skill development in singing and playing in ensembles but also to help cultivate an appreciation for many diverse styles of music. Performance material is selected from a rich and broad spectrum of historical and cultural sources. Two vocal concerts are held each year -- a Christmas Show and a Spring Concert. 
    Students in Grades K - 5 study music once a week with a certified music teacher, while a music electives is available to Middle Schoolers.

    Instrumental Music

    The Instrumental Music program provides students with opportunities to grow individually as well as learning to work together in ensemble experiences.
    An Instrumental Concert is held during the year for students studying privately and who are involved in the ensemble program.Our music teacher provides private lessons on a variety of instruments enrich your child's education.
    These lessons are given during recess and are billed separately. They can be also be scheduled afterschool. Lessons are available on the following instruments. Please note corresponding grade levels:

    • Recorder Flute - Grades K-1
    • Keyboard- Grades 2-8
    • Flute, Clarinet - Grades 3-8
    • Alto Saxophone, Trumpet - Grades 4-8

    Eligibility: Lessons are open to all students in Grades K-8
    Schedule: Classes will meet on a designated day during school time. Specific times will be given after enrollments are processed.Thirty Lessons are offered during the school year. Each lesson runs a total 30 minutes.

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