Introduction to Programming & Coding

  • Scratch is a graphical programming language designed by MIT Media Lab as an introduction to Computer. Coding and Programming for children. Scratch is perfect for beginners with no prior programming experience,yet can be very powerful and dynamic for amazingly complex creations as students’ skills progress.

    STEM OWL’s uniquely designed Scratch curriculum adapts a step-by-step, project based teaching method that follows basic programming and design logic. Students not only can learn quickly, but also build a solid foundation for Intermediate/Advanced computer programming.

    Our weekly 75-minute lesson will open with a lesson plan introducing the students to key programming concepts followed by a hands-on projects to practice and create. Challenging problems are given in each class to enhance students understanding and encourage creativity. Our curriculum introduces programming concept such as:

    • Understanding and applying basic blocks that represent programming elements
    • Customizing sprites (characters) and background
    • Designing meaningful and logical scripts (algorithms)
    • Utilizing Cartesian coordinates and variables in project design

    Upon the completion of each project, students can download and bring home the Scratch projects created in class and share the experience with parents.