• Message for the 8th Grade Students and Their Parents

    As graduation approaches for the SVMS Class of 2022, there are a few items to address regarding SVMS Google accounts and Chromebook licenses. 

    Google Accounts

    Firstly, the students' SVMS Google accounts will be deleted the week of June 26th. If students wish to keep any files associated with SVMS Google accounts (stored on Google Drive), they need to download those files before June 26th. Instructions are attached to this message.

    Chromebook Licenses

    Secondly, the students' Chromebooks need to be Deprovisioned and Powerwashed/Reset to Factory Settings so they are not managed under SVMS' Chrome Management Console and they can be used again. The school will deprovision them the week of June 26th, but you or your child need to Powerwash/Reset to Factory Settings afterward. Those instructions are also included in the attachment to this email.

    After these steps have been completed, students can use their Chromebooks using their own personal Gmail accounts.  It is very easy to create one (instructions can be Googled).

    IF A YOUNGER CHILD WILL BE USING THE CHROMEBOOK AT SVMS, it shouldn't be Powerwashed/Reset to Factory Settings and I need to be notified promptly so that the Chromebook isn't Deprovisioned. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at kcollins@svmsnj.org . 

    Download Google Files & Powerwash Chromebook