STEM / STREAM Education

  • St. Vincent Martyr School adheres to the STEM / STREAM philosophy of education, meaning we integrate Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics  in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. 

    Diocese of Paterson STEM Mission Statement

    We, the Catholic school educators of the Diocese of Paterson, will lead and model the teaching and integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through innovative and research-based student engagement.  STEM education, grounded in Catholic values, will prepare and empower our students to be creative, collaborative and morally responsible contributors to the advancement of the global community.

    Standards of Practice

    A STEM school adheres to its mission through the construction of knowledge, innovation, communication, collaboration, and ethical behavior based on Gospel values and has the responsibility to develop divergent thinking and interdisciplinary connections.
    A STEM school is empowered by collaborative leadership to integrate STEM content and articulate a rigorous, standards-based curriculum in which students engage in enquiry and logical reasoning to research information, plan solutions, engage in the engineering design process, convey information, and evaluate outcomes. 
    A STEM school develops metrics for school-wide accountability and assessment to document the students’ proficiency, knowledge and application of challenging mathematics and science content and the use of appropriate digital tools.
    A STEM school engages in partnerships with engineers, businesses, and colleges in order to acquire resources for teachers and students.
    A STEM school develops and maintains facilities, equipment, and technology that is available to support the curriculum demands of the STEM program.
    A STEM school educates and extends the rationale and successes of the program into the internal and external communities through intentional communication and marketing.
    A STEM school meets the criteria of an outside accrediting organization and actively seeks to maintain accreditation standards.