Education Council

  • The Education Council is a group of SVMS parents that serves as a liaison between the administration and the parent community. In addition to the 12 parent members, there are three faculty members as well as the Principal and Pastor on the Council.

    We welcome your comments, concerns or suggestions about any aspect of life at SVMS.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Ed Council directly or you can email the Council here: Contact Education Council

    The Council meets approximately once a month throughout the school year and your issues will be raised at the next meeting.  

    There are twelve members of the Council serving staggered three year terms. Each year four seats expire. Vacancies are announced in April and elections, if necessary, are held in May. Most of the work of the Education Council is accomplished in Committee, outside the formal Council meetings. Committee leaders then report to the entire Council.  The Committees include:

    • Technology
    • Student Life
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Development

    Below is a list of the Education Council members (and the grades of their children) for the 2018-2019 school year:

    Parent Board

    • President - Nina Lagios
    • Vice President - Maria Nestor
    • Secretary - Dana Finn



        • Jacki Pasqua
        • Libby Simms


        • Jess Alperti
        • Leslie Readlinger
        • Nadine Yuseff

    Student Life

        • Nina Lagios
        • Maria Nestor
        • Claudia DiGiacomo
        • Dana Finn


        • Justin Picciano
        • Matt Hagovsky

    Faculty Representatives:

    • MaryLynn Fetrow
    • Katye Lauletti
    • Amy Nauta