Academics Overview

  • St. Vincent Martyr School curriculum follows the guidelines provided by the Diocese of Paterson and the State of New Jersey.

    In Grades 1-8, all children study the core subjects of religion, mathematics, reading, language arts, science and social studies. Phonics is a vital part of the curriculum in Kindergarten – Grade 3. Beginning in Grade 4, students study mathematics in homogeneous groups – grade level and advanced math. Placement is based on standardized test scores, grade average, a placement test, and teacher recommendation.

    In math and English language arts, we follow the Common Core Curriculum. Science uses The Next Generation Science Standards, and religion is guided by a new diocesan framework. All other subjects follow the NJ Core Curriculum Standards.

    Our curriculum integrates literacy across all subjects. Students are instructed in a variety of subjects using STEM – the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. 

    Study Island, Phonics Webinars, Reflective Journals, USSR (Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading), Handwriting Without Tears, and Skyping famous authors are all part of the curriculum. 

    Students begin studying Spanish in PreK4 and continue through Grade 8, and Latin is taught in Grades 7 and 8.

    All students study art, computers, gym, library, music, and fine arts appreciation (Grades 7-8). In addition, instrumental music is offered to families who request it. Instruction occurs during the school day and requires an extra fee.

    Enrichment programs include public speaking, cultural arts, choir, community drama, art & music, scouting for boys and girls, and the Book Partner program.

    Sports include basketball from Kindergarten through Grade 8, cross country, volleyball, baseball, soccer, softball, dance, hockey, tennis and golf clinics.