• Children in Madison requiring transportation to neighborhoods serviced by the Madison Public School District are permitted to ride the provided buses. Madison issues bus passes only to eligible students. A student must have a bus pass to board the bus. Children riding the town bus are dropped off in the morning on Green Village Road. They enter the parking lot by means of the driveway between the rectory and the school. These children board the bus on Green village Road at the end of the day. They exit in Line B, turn right at the corner of Green Village and Wilmer Street, to do so.

    Reimbursement Eligibility (Kindergarten though Grade 8)

    To be eligible for reimbursement, two conditions must be met:

    • Parents transport the child to school or the child rides public vehicles other than the Madison Public School buses
    • Child lives a minimum of two miles from school

    Reimbursement forms are available in the school office. It is the obligation of the parent who qualified to request a transportation form from the school secretary.