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  • Committee Description

    Meet each week to fill orders for gift cards that school families have purchased. 

    What is SCRIP?

    Scrip is one of two major SVMS fundraiser.  It enables SVMS families’ to purchase gift cards to over 300 retailers at a discount of anywhere from 2 to 15%.  The school is able to keep the discounted amount!  

    For example:  Purchase a $100 L.L. Bean gift card through Scrip. You pay SVMS $100.  SVMS then pays Scrip $90 because L.L. Bean is offered at a 10% discount.  SVMS earns $10!

    Groceries, clothing, dining out, home improvement, even gasoline can be purchased with Scrip gift cards.   Participating retailers include: Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Target, The Gap, LL Bean, Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, Kings, Game Stop, Amazon, iTunes, American Express & Visa Gift Cards plus many, many more. 

    Every family with children in grades K - 8 is obligated to purchase at least $2500 worth of gift cards during the school year (Sept – May).  Alternatively, families may buy out of the Scrip program by paying $250 to HSA at the beginning of the school year. 

    How to register with SCRIP

    To register one time only go to; click on the Shop With Scrip link at the bottom of the home page; go to the "Family Sign Up Box", which is green in color, and create a ShopWithScrip account. Follow the steps to register by filling in your personal information and the SVMS enrollment Code.  The code is 8DB9EBLA18734  and is also located in the Family Handbook.  FYI:  Remember your username and password.  Once complete, you are now registered and ready to shop! 

    How to place an order 

    Placing an order is easy!

    1.  Complete your online order by 12 midnight on SUNDAY of the scheduled week.  You may place your order online any time prior to the order deadline however it must be complete by midnight on SUNDAY. 

    2. Print out your Order Confirmation.

    3. Return your printed Order Confirmation and your check, payable to SVMS-HSA, in your Orange  Envelope (You will recieve an Orange Scrip Envelope at the beginning of the school year).  The Orange Envelope must be in the office NO LATER THAN 9am MONDAY.  Do NOT seal the Orange Envelope.  If you prefer you can choose to set up a PrestoPay account and pay each time by PrestoPay.  See details below about PrestoPay. 

    4. Your gift cards will be sent home to you in a Yellow Envelope with your oldest child on THURSDAY.  The Orange Envelope will also be returned to you to keep until your next order.  In the event you place a large order arrangements can be made to have the cards delivered.

    What is PrestoPay?

    PrestoPay is the Scrip equivalent of PayPal.  You can set up a PrestoPay account on the Scrip website and payment will be taken directly out of your checking account.  For this convenience, you will need to pay a small fee of .15 cents, but remember, it alleviates the step of writing a check.

    Questions about SCRIP

    If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the school's office at 973 377- 1104 or contact the committee chairs at

    Shop with Scrip Letter

    SCRIP for Parishoners & Alumni?

    Parishioners & Alumni can purchase e-gift cards and physical gift cards. Simply place an order online as described above. If paying by check, please drop off the Order Confirmation and check at the school on Monday morning. Pickup of physical cards is offered on Thursday afternoon.