• RaiseRight (formerly Shop with SCRIP) is one of the major fundraising efforts at SVMS, and the best part about it is - it doesn’t cost you anything! We hope this quick little note will give you some quick tips on how to get started with the program should you desire to participate.

    As you may recall, on your Home & School Contract, there was an option to participate in a program called the RaiseRight program. The program offers SVMS families the opportunity to buy gift cards from hundreds of major retailers – cards you can use to do all the shopping you would ordinarily do. SVMS buys the cards at a discount and sells them to you at face value and retains a profit on each card. The profit can be as high as 20%!! It is very easy for you and very easy for St. Vincent ‘s to make money for the school.

    If you would like to register, you can do so now. Visit www.svmsnj.org and click on the RaiseRight link at the bottom of the home page and go to the family sign up box to create your account (Remember your username and password for future purchases.), and use the school enrollment code which can be found at the following link (you must log into the svmsnj.org website to access this code):


    Now you will be ready to go when we release the first order of the year on Monday September 12.

    We will continue our process as last year. All purchases will need to be made online using PrestoPay (see information below) or Credit Card payments. NO CHECKS OR CASH will be accepted. The orders should be placed by MONDAY morning and they will be sent home with your oldest child via backpack/folders on Thursday or Friday afternoon (depending on mail delivery). PLEASE make sure to check your child's backpack as they sometimes forget to give them to the parents.

    When you have added all your cards to the shopping cart, follow the check-out procedure. You have the option of paying with PrestoPay (the SCRIP equivalent of PayPal) This account must be set up by you on the ShopWithScrip website ahead of time or you may pay with credit card. We highly recommend signing up for PrestoPay. The $0.15/transaction is worth it as this method is instant and eliminates the check writing step all together.

    In addition to linking a bank account (PrestoPay™), families who have access to online payments can choose to pay for gift cards with credit cards.

     How to sign up for PrestoPay:

    Log into your account. You’ll need your online banking credentials, or your bank account number and routing number, along with the account holder information.

    Then go to Dashboard > Payment Types and follow the instructions to instantly link a bank account or choose to manually enter your account information.

    If you choose to manually enter your banking information, in 1-2 days we’ll make two small deposits in the account for verification. Log back into your account and enter those amounts, then create your PIN.

     How to pay by Credit Card

    In your cart at order checkout, select Credit Card as your payment type and enter your card information. You have the option to securely save your card to your account for future transactions. Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards are accepted.

    Important details about this new payment option:

    • Credit card types: Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
    • Rebates: The rebate is not impacted—families, and your organization, still earn the same amount. Your organization's earnings are credited the same way as linked bank account payments.
    • Purchases: A 2.6% fee is added to a family’s order total each time they pay with a credit card. Your organization does not pay a fee. Credit card payments will be processed immediately.

    Please note that every family is encouraged to do as much of their ordinary shopping with SCRIP cards as possible, with a minimum commitment of $2,500. While this may seem a daunting number, it becomes a lot less overwhelming when you realize that if you buy just one $100 grocery card each week you will have provided the school with a $3,500 total SCRIP purchase. Even if you choose to “buy-out”, you can still participate whenever it is convenient.

    If you have any questions, please contact the SCRIP coordinators Diana Rendon at 973-723- 4638 or scrip-info@svmsnj.org, Stefanie Cutler at (646) 675-1317 stefaniecutler@yahoo.com