• Rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, St. Vincent Martyr School proudly affirms its Catholicity. Faithfully imparting His teachings, it remains loyal to Jesus and His Church. This is evident in its efforts to serve the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each student entrusted to its care. By focusing on God throughout the daily routine, St. Vincent Martyr School emphasizes not only the need for intellectual but also the spiritual growth in the learning process.

    Realizing that all abilities, gifts and talents come from God, the core curriculum seeks to challenge all students academically to achieve personal success. Simultaneously, it considers the talents of individual students with their varying stages and styles of cognitive development and creative expression. The selection of appropriate teaching methods and instructional materials, along with continued incorporation of new technology and other resources, is deemed crucial to the program as it embraces the 21st century. Various modes of assessment, both traditional and innovative, chart a child’s progress.

    By striving personally to incorporate this philosophy, each teacher becomes a role model for the students entrusted to the school. Daily attempts are made to provide the students with an environment conducive to learning, as well as one that fosters good citizenship and heightens self-esteem. St. Vincent Martyr School is committed to developing intelligent, capable, young people, who can find success in higher education, can think critically and analytically, act with integrity, honesty and compassion, and can become responsible citizens. It expects its students to respect themselves, each other, the teachers and the school.

    As part of a larger parish community, St. Vincent Martyr School recognizes its responsibility to focus on the concept of community as a reality to be lived. Qualified administrators and teachers, in their role of servant ministers, provide an educational experience that allows the religious nature of the school/parish to pervade the whole. This is accomplished through religious education, daily prayer, liturgical participation, semester service projects and by fostering a Christian atmosphere of charity and caring.

    Positive peer relations among a stable faculty enhance communications, allowing teachers and administration to share pertinent information directed toward the advancement of each student.

    To further this advancement, the professional development of the staff is promoted through the spiritual and instructional leadership of the administrator. A multi-dimensional approach to professional supervision allows for the individuality and the particular needs of each teacher. In order to assess a student’s progress, both formal and informal evaluations are employed. Diocesan mandated standardized tests continue to validate a student’s growth and performance. A strong parent-teacher communication system augments the evaluation process.

    Aware of the parent’s role as primary educators, St. Vincent Martyr School warmly welcomes them to join in the children’s journey in formal instruction by overseeing their daily progress. The teachers’ professional expertise, coupled with the parents’ nurturing insight, orchestrate a harmonious blend of good will and cooperation. St. Vincent Martyr School provides each child the opportunity to accomplish the goals set forth in this philosophy.