• Our goal at SVMS is to provide a Catholic education in which the student is exposed to the best learning experiences spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically, in order that he/she may live a fruitful Christian life.

    In a particular way, the goal of St. Vincent Martyr School is to provide a quality education, stressing individual responsibility in thinking, being, and doing. The school's objectives are provided below:

    • To develop attitudes that will enable the child to have a deeper relationship with God and his/her fellow human beings.
    • To instill an appreciation of academic values, not merely as a path to temporal success, but as the road to eternal fulfillment.
    • To encourage pupils to set reasonable but challenging goals for themselves.
    • To provide a curriculum that gives consideration to individual interests and potentials, consequently making education a useful and enjoyable experience.
    • To foster a deep civic pride that will manifest itself in strong citizenship qualities.
    • To create, through motivation, an atmosphere which will lead to self-discipline, and consequently, to strong character building.
    • To assist students to foster attitudes that will inspire a continued quest for knowledge throughout life.